Ask DN: Print magazine's that are about design!?

over 8 years ago from , Media & Interaction design student @ Hogeschool Utrecht

Hey everyone,

I am trying to find a good printed magazine that covers design in a broad aspect. I am bases in The Netherlands so not every magazine is available to me.

To what magazines (print) are you subscribed? Or do you know any magazines that cover design in a more broad aspect?



  • Maurice CherryMaurice Cherry, over 8 years ago

    Offscreen comes to mind.

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  • Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I’ve been looking for a magazine about design for a long time now, and nothing has satisfied me. I’m hoping someone mentions something in the comments.

    I find two main things lacking in the majority of design publications:

    1. They look inward at the world of design too much. Design always exists as part of, and is impacted by, the world at large. I can’t understand why so few design publications make this a priority.

    2. They rarely seem to use their position as print publications to explore what that means in today’s digital landscape, or even to explore the new ideas at the intersection of their content and the presentation of that content.

    That said, while I’ve never found anything 100% satisfying, a few have stood out.

    • Colors – While it’s rarely about design, it’s published by Fabrica and each issue’s topic is approached from something like a design aesthetic, and they really aren’t afraid to use the variety of tools print offers to present their content.

    • Slanted – Ostensibly about typography, each issue looks at a broad topic, and looks at typography through the different lenses related to it. Perhaps a little too high concept at times, but overall solid.

    • Idea – One of the old old guard of design magazines, from Japan. As such, it tends to be very inward looking, but it generally makes up for that with good quality writing and ideas, and is still reasonably exploratory with its own design. Mind you, I don’t often find the cost/value ratio worthwhile enough to make the purchase.

    It’s the nature of these magazines to shift and change with the times, though – so there’s a lot I could be missing out on. I haven’t looked at Eye in years, for instance, and it looks somewhat promising again.

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  • Jason BlockJason Block, over 8 years ago


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  • eivind ingebrigtseneivind ingebrigtsen, over 8 years ago

    A discontinued magazine, but I think it belongs here: Emigre

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  • Kiki Thaerigen, over 8 years ago

    Graphis hast been around forever, I've been a subscriber since the early 80's: http://www.graphis.com. They're originally based in Switzerland but moved to NYC later, still ship internationally though (I'm in Hamburg, Germany).

    Communication Arts is good, too, especially the annuals.

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  • Max de Rooij, over 8 years ago

    Thanks for the detailed responses everyone! I am going to take a further look in IdNMagazine, Process journal and Eye magazine. They somehow appeal the most to me.

    So much to choose from, so little time to read it all :(

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  • Andreas DruschelAndreas Druschel, over 8 years ago

    checkout the novum, www.novumnet.de dual language, german and english

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  • Thibault MichelThibault Michel, over 8 years ago

    I'd recommend Threaded, which I recently discovered. It's more of a showcase of great design(ers), but the mag in itself is a piece of art.

    Fun fact: it initially started out as a side project during the creator's studies.

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  • Nice ShoesNice Shoes, over 8 years ago

    Printed Pages by It's Nice That

    Process Journal by Made Publishers

    Creative Review

    Computer Arts

    Design Week

    All available to order online. All ship worldwide.

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    • Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan, over 8 years ago

      I’m always disappointed that Process Journal doesn’t actually show process.

      It really seems like it shouldn’t be called that, or it should learn some lessons from Japan’s Design Note (sample pages on their amazon page).

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      • Max de Rooij, over 8 years ago

        Design Note looks totally awesome! Too bad my Japanese isn't that good. No chance it is available somewhere in English I guess.


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        • Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan, over 8 years ago

          Alas, no, not available in English.

          …and my Japanese isn’t strong enough to read it, either!

          I keep holding out hope that an English publisher will take its ideas and make an amazing magazine of their own, but so far nothing has even come close.

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  • Drake WhiteDrake White, over 8 years ago

    Communication Arts - http://www.commarts.com

    Been around a long time and may still be the best. (imo)

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  • Jon GoldJon Gold, over 8 years ago

    haven't read them since uni, but Eye and Grafik were both excellent.


    Grafik stopped publishing a few years ago but I guess most design school libraries will have the archives of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafik_(magazine)

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