Requested Nicolas Roope AMA Granted!

almost 9 years ago from , Director / Univers Labs

I recently posted an AMA request to try to get DN community to make some noise to make this happen. However I got told off.

Anyway Nicolas found out, and tweeted, to kindly say he was willing to Participate .

I think Nicolas could give a great AMA to the DN community if everyone gave it a go.

Nicolas Roope - Founder & ECD - www.pokelondon.com ///// Founder & Creative Director - www.hulger.com & www.plumen.com ///// Co chair @internetweekeu //// Chair @lovieawards

I'll Start - Running a young Agency myself, i have a lot of respect for Poke's work and achievements, Univers Labs loved the Pints in the Sun experiment. So I wanted to ask whether you could talk about how you came about to starting Poke, I find this interesting as i think i read you come from a Fine Arts, sculpture background. Also what was the first 2 years at Poke Like?


  • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, almost 9 years ago

    You don't seem to understand the format for an AMA. The person doing the AMA should create their own thread, titled along the lines of "I'm , founder of/creative at : AMA". You don't just ask your questions in a random post.

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