Help with linked anchor points in Adobe Illustrator

9 years ago from , UX

Does anyone tell or show me how to link an anchor point (endpoint) of a line to an object so that when the object moves, the anchor point moves with it (but the rest of that path stays put)?

I remembered that the Illustrator extension Specctr does this when it runs, but I have no idea how to set it up. And though I just downloaded the extension and installed it again, I can't get that particular feature to work for me now.

Even in Smashing Magazine's coverage of Specctr, they explicitly call attention to this functionality.

If many objects are close to each other, then there is a chance that specifications might overlap. To fix this issue, simply move and spread the specifications out. The arm that connects them to their object will always remain connected to the object, no matter where you move them on the artboard.

So, yeah, any help will be appreciated.

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