• Brandon ArnoldBrandon Arnold, 9 years ago

    Nice use of Foundation :)

    Bummer that the Menu is a PDF, which makes a little less mobile friendly for something that will probably get used a lot on the go.

    Looks great despite!

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  • Brett MichaelBrett Michael, 9 years ago

    Solid photography of their menu items. People eat with their eyes and I think a lot of new restaurants omit this from their site design.

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  • Daniel PuglisiDaniel Puglisi, 9 years ago

    Damn, makes me wanna eat there.

    Goal achieved.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, 9 years ago

    I love this website: amazing job!

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  • Stephen GraceStephen Grace, 9 years ago

    Nice & clean, my only two gripes:

    • Their bust profiles displays the bull then the girl, contrary to the order of their actual name.

    • The lettering seems a little bit unpolished to me. I get the aesthetic they were attempting, so some texture could have taken the edge off. (Like this.)

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