• Khaled Islam Bouya, almost 9 years ago

    Hi DN,

    Wanted to know your opinions on the new OS X Yosemite icons... Personally, I think that they could've have been tiny better, more consistant in their style maybe? I mean look at the Mail App icon, then you see the iMessage icon, or FaceTime, then there is those with a 3D effect.. (contacts, dictionary, calendar...)

    I tried Yosemite a bit, and for me this, with the font choice is the most annoying things I see in the new OS X.

    Don't know, I may be wrong?

    Your thoughts?

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    • Manik RatheeManik Rathee, almost 9 years ago

      This was already posted 4 hours ago (and I'm sure you saw that when you tried posting this)

      There's no benefit to duplicating posts - it just causes noise. When you see that "Are you sure? This was posted X hours ago" warning, you're far better off finding the existing post and interacting with people there.

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