• Michael Collins, over 9 years ago

    Blah blah blah

    It doesn't surprise me that every woman this writer knows participated in #yesallwomen – that's what women do, mind-numbing amounts of social media.

    How revolutionary, a list apart. How noble and brave of you, to do what everyone else is doing. Way to be on the cutting edge.

    It's a good thing women don't spend as much time working as they do talking about working, or else it would become extremely apparent that women are free to pursue and accomplish anything they damn well want.

    Isn't it weird how a kid kills three guys, and two girls, but it's an attack against women? Once again, it's clear to see the feminist point of view – men are expendable resources.

    People project and blame their own perspectives on other people. Both sexes equally objectively each other.

    Fortunately for women, the masculine method of abuse is obvious. Unfortunately for men, the feminine method of abuse is subtle, and involves personal shame and guilt. Victims of feminine abuse are convinced they did it to themselves – exactly in the same way victims of masculine abuse can react.

    What's all this nonsense about equality, when we ARE equal? Nature has already decreed men and women equal, and everything balances out. Women are not helpless, and to believe them as such is the true sexism.

    Funnily enough, the biggest supporters of feminism are those who the movement supposedly fights against – men who believe women are too helpless to accomplish anything themselves.

    The common narrative is that women have sat back and been abused while men have ruled over everything, for all of time. Once again, the feminist movement hides from view the true power of women, and poses women as helpless animals.

    As all women and men know, all men have done has always been for women. Men do what we do because women exist. A woman has been the inspiration for virtually everything on the planet today.

    And that's supposed to be powerless?

    If you think this incident was caused by a fictitious masculine "patriarchy", think again. The most prime candidates for involuntary celibacy, otherwise known as the "friend zone", are men brought up with feminist ideals.

    These poor men. Thinking they're doing everything right, they can only wonder in misery why no women will ever, ever feel the slightest attraction for them.

    Of these men who do stumble into a marriage based on a woman's need for a consistent paycheck they don't work for, they soon discover that they are nothing more than a slave, and that even now, consistent and fulfilling sex is not on the table.

    As feminism gets more and more pronounced, and as more and more women divorce their husbands and raise children on their own, more and more men will grow up, knowing only how to turn a woman off.

    Sex is one step away from food. We don't NEED it, but we need it. All humans do. Humans without sex are lifeless and pent-up, especially while hormones are at their strongest point.

    Worse than a life without sex is the assumed knowledge that no matter what you do, no woman will ever give a damn about you. No matter what you do, all women will sneer, laugh and look down on you.

    This is the fate of a man raised with feminist ideals. It's no wonder 80% of suicides are men. Would these men kill themselves if they had abundant loving relationships with women? So we see the cost of subtle feminine abuse.

    Everyone is talking about this guy's "entitlement" mentality. Well, human beings are fucking entitled to get the TRUTH about a base biological desire.

    Men are being LIED TO, over and over again, their ENTIRE LIVES. And then they're expected to just "get it together", and "be themselves".

    What turns women on is the exact opposite of what the feminist ideology prescribes. This is what's at cause here. Yet once again, we get the opportunity to be bombarded with brainless fluff, from all angles, promoting a useless agenda, focused on a problem that doesn't exist.

    In short, one more thing to occupy our attention, while our world crumbles. Which reminds me, I have work to do.

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