• Koen Bok, over 8 years ago

    Can't wait to see what will be built with it.

    Changelog: https://github.com/koenbok/Framer#framer-3-changes

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    • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      You couldn't have waited until tomorrow to launch and let me keep the #1 spot on DN a little longer, no? Give the little guy a chance! :p

      Site looks amazing dude, I'm drooling here! Can't wait to get stuck in and try out the new features.

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  • Noam ElbazNoam Elbaz, over 8 years ago

    I'm a designer who's not scared to get into tech stuff. I tweaked alot of the XML layouts on the android app @ Glide. But I never got into CSS / Javascript.

    I really want to get into Framer.js but it looks scary with all that code?

    Is it as bad / hard as it looks? or is it more about piecing already existing snippets of code together? or what?

    Is it a steep learning curve?

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    • Koen Bok, over 8 years ago

      What ever looked as hard as it was when you mastered it?

      Framer uses code. So there is a learning curve when you start.

      The biggest reason to learn code is that it is the most flexible and efficient way to describe behaviour. That is a necessity to invent new UI. I really wish there was something else, but there just isn't (although noodles/patches like QC come close).

      The good news is that Framer was designed for exactly you! It integrates with Photoshop and Sketch and uses one of the easier and most universal programming languages: Javascript. There are tons of great resources out there to learn Javascript and you can use it to build pretty much anything. On top of that it's browser based so you can reuse a lot of thing you already know about css.

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  • Braden HammBraden Hamm, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    The generator is very helpful for diving right in by adding a default animation. It's very cool.

    But how do I separate the layers so they can each have different animations? I've read through the Docs, and looked at sample code, but it's not clear.

    EDIT: I found the answer on the info about Generator, but this could also be found more easily under the "Layers" part of "Docs".

    Loving it so far.

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  • Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, over 8 years ago

    State machine stuff is rad.

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  • Account deleted over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I wish that the community pages weren't blocked for people without facebook accounts :/

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  • Stephen GraceStephen Grace, over 8 years ago

    This looks cool. Is this purely for iPhone apps or has anyone used this for websites? How does it perform?

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    • Josh PuckettJosh Puckett, over 8 years ago

      Stephen, since Framer is built entirely on top of webkit, it's perfect for prototyping website interactions as well. You can prototype for iPhone, Android, web... literally any platform.

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  • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, over 8 years ago

    Any updates for the sketch framer generator?

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    • Ale Muñoz, over 8 years ago

      We're working hard to get it in your hands as soon as possible : )

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      • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, over 8 years ago

        Let me know if you need any testers. Been having a blast with the new export (and with SketchTool).

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      • William HutterWilliam Hutter, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

        So this will be directly intergrated into Sketch ? And not as a plugin ?

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        • Ale Muñoz, over 8 years ago

          This will actually be part of Framer.

          In fact, if all goes as planned, you won't even need to have Sketch installed for it to work.

          After all, we'd rather have you install Sketch because you like it, not because you're forced to have it : )

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