Ask DN: I want to teach HTML, CSS, JS...where do I begin?

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I want to teach HTML, CSS, JS...where do I begin?

Do I set up the environment and talk about that later? Do I talk about FTP / SSH? Do I even say the word "server"? Do I start with a static site?

Thoughts appreciated, regardless of teaching experience...


  • Davina KimDavina Kim, almost 9 years ago

    Check out Thinkful.com, and become a front-end mentor! Email grae@thinkful.com and express your interest in mentoring and share your work with him!

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  • Marcel MuellerMarcel Mueller, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I would start by explaining what problems they try to solve, like:

    1. We need content to show -> HTML
    2. This content needs to be styled and positioned -> CSS
    3. This content needs to be interactive -> JS

    I am sure you can come up with more cases, but I believe that taking a project oriented approach is the most effective when it comes to learning. (It also spares the thought of "why one would need it" that just simply shreds enthusiasm)

    You can also quickly see what it is used for and what not. 'Breaking the rules' should only come later.

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  • Grant McAllisterGrant McAllister, almost 9 years ago

    If you are teaching HTML, CSS and JS you don't need to worry about FTP, SSH, Servers etc... (may you do a specific part on deploying a site once they have something static).

    I would start with creating the files, structure and a bare static layout that car run in the browser form a folder on their desktop.

    Have the lowest barrier to entry as possible!

    You can also look at sites like code academy and see how they structure their courses.

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