• Paul @StammyPaul @Stammy, 9 years ago

    This is amazing news. I currently have to run 2 Jekyll installs to do what I want with custom post types (before this I had a fork to add a different type and that was getting hard to keep updated): I have one main Jekyll install for my blog, and inside of that inside /photos I have another Jekyll for my photo blog so I can do things like this: http://paulstamatiou.com/photos/japan/two-weeks-in-japan/

    <3 open source! All hosted on S3/CF with https://github.com/laurilehmijoki/s3_website

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  • Nick Dominguez, 9 years ago

    Sass support is really nice and the new collections feature will make building things like portfolios a lot easier. This is a great update.

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    • Hawke BassignaniHawke Bassignani, 9 years ago

      I agree! The only downside is that the documentation implies source/destination directory support isn’t there… i.e. the ability to maintain a SCSS folder that compiles to a separate CSS folder.

      It’s a small thing… probably doesn’t matter. It might break debugging with source map backtracking since the browser will no longer have a SCSS file to look at.

      Maybe I’m wrong though!

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  • Henrique Alves, 9 years ago

    This is great! My favourite static site generator <3

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  • Lucian MarinLucian Marin, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    I designed the Spaceman theme for Jekyll recently. It seems a have to change a few things: update config.yml, use group_by and make sure Sass is converted by Jekyll. By the way, nice release!

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  • Chris MousdaleChris Mousdale, 9 years ago

    This is great - I love jekyll, and every update just makes it even more of a joy to use! :-)

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 9 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if this new version has archiving done as well as Octopress?

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  • Mitch WarrenMitch Warren, 9 years ago

    After months of putting off learning a command line SSG I jumped straight into the docs today - I was previously using Cactus (app) and hitting major walls. It was only after reading all the Jekyll docs that I noticed the 2.0 update in their blog. Glad I chose today, what great timing!

    The documentation is really comprehensive. Makes it so much easier to learn. Loving it so far.

    Thomas Bradley has some great (free) tutorials on youtube that's really been helped me along. Here's the link for anyone starting from scratch today:


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  • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 9 years ago


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  • Parker MooreParker Moore, 9 years ago

    Thanks for posting this, Manik!

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