Talk: Creating Value – Thoughts on Designing a Design Business

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I was graciously invited to run my mouth at an IxDA event on my lessons learned (to date) in design as an employee, freelancer, and now, business owner. This talk focuses on –

1) Understanding the actual value we provide as designers, 2) Determining how to create more of that value, and 3) How to best get compensated for the value we produce.

Much of this is information I wish I had known (or realized) sooner – including some high-leverage concepts we’re just starting to employ with great effect.

In watching the video of talk, I'm actually pretty proud of how it turned out. I found myself often surprised at the information mentioned (a lot of which I don't remember saying) and also that I didn't swear - remarkable.

Check out the slide deck for a quick preview of the core ideas – http://www.slideshare.net/ClaytonFarr/creating-value-designing-a-design-business

And, if interested, watch the talk itself with the full details and occasional funny jokes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEG9h_VqKDU

(The full talk is about 50 minutes + some Q&A. If you want to view a specific section, just open the link at YouTube and you'll see links to each section within the notes there.)

I hope you enjoy!

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    I meant to mention a couple of details about those 'high-leverage' ideas –

    The 2nd section – 'How to Create More Value' talks about 'Positioning' to differente your work, making it intensely appealing to specific people rather than midly interesting to anyone.

    These are ideas we were introduced to from Tim William's work and are already seeing great benefits from as we're starting to adopt them.

    The 3rd and last section – 'How to Get Best Compensated' talks about Value Based Pricing. This stuff is huge aha moment that you'll wish you had considered sooner. It's certainly a process to learn and adopt - something we're still working on - but the benefits for both you and your clients are massive.

    Ronald Baker is the fount of knowledge on this topic and it's implementation.

    For those interested in learning more about either of these topics, definitely follow-up with the books from these two.

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