• Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, over 9 years ago (edited over 9 years ago )

    Use the Scss syntax.

    Could someone explain that to me? Is it just for other possible devs who might have to come in without knowledge of Sass, and would be more accustomed to the "rule: value;" syntax?

    I prefer not having to add the ending ; whenever possible, so I've stuck with SASS instead of SCSS. Heck, if I ever could have gotten it to work properly, I would have probably gone with Stylus instead so I could do:

    .header background #f00
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    • Andrew Liebchen, over 9 years ago

      I find when I use Coffescript (which I love), there is a small amount of additional overhead because you have to make sure the whitespace nesting is okay.

      The SCSS syntax helps designers/developers new to Sass (and collaborating developers who don't know Sass but know CSS) scan and write.

      Besides, a good text editor can go a long way to do the repetitive syntax things like: or ; that the SASS syntax fixes.

      I've also wondered if the SASS syntax adds to precompliation times. Anyone know?

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