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    Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate by providing easy access to computing resources, storage, and applications through the internet. However, with this convenience comes a significant risk to sensitive data and infrastructure security. Here are some of the top security risks associated with cloud computing: Businesses may lack control over the physical and logical infrastructure of the cloud, including data center security, network security, and platform security but also you can visit https://professionalwritingtips.com/ site for quality work. Cloud providers may be targeted by hackers who seek to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. This risk is exacerbated by the fact that multiple users share resources and data in the cloud. By implementing these strategies, businesses can manage the security risks associated with cloud computing and ensure the safety of their data and infrastructure.

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    As per Cybersecurity Ventures, #cloud #data storage is expected to reach 100 zettabytes by 2025. Let’s check out how to safeguard your company’s data from the most common cloud computing risks.

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