What is Going on in the IT Recruitment Market Right Now?

3 months ago from , Bluebird International Zrt.

We are currently witnessing unprecedented growth in the IT Recruitment market. I’ve been in this market for 20 years and have seen an increase and decrease in IT headhunting over the years, but what is happening now? The pandemic, in my opinion, reduced IT managers’ efforts to grow their teams. Why? Because it was risky to expand whether you’d have more projects or not. However, after the first year of the COVID, all IT companies were required to develop all software that their clients required.

So now, every company requires the best IT talent, the most experienced senior developers. It makes no difference whether the employees are on a permanent contract - https://bluebird.hu/it-fejvadaszat/ or are from an IT staff augmentation company - https://bluebird-europe.com/staff-augmentation/! Just give them to me :-)

Please share your thoughts! Do you see the same thing in the IT labor market?