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  • Greg Rog, 2 months ago

    Ok, here's the thing. While email countdowns seem to be the marketing hack of the past decade... they freakin' work.

    Yesterday I've A/B tested over 10k emails with/without the counter for our Black Friday campaign, and the second hit almost 260% higher conversion rate.

    The problem is, last time we wasted 3 hours finding the counter that works and doesn't look like 90's. Still we had to pay $15 for it. Still it sucks - no custom fonts, no retina support, crappy.

    Soooo, here we go. No-bullshit, free & clean email counter that works and you can generate it in under a minute, without registering and hassle.

    And please, use it responsibly. You want to boost conversion, but you don't want to be a spammy marketer.

    Perfect for this monday last call email huh?

    Created with <3 in Poland by Adam Gospodarczyk and Greg Rog.

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