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  • Vanessa Aldridge, over 2 years ago

    “The truth is, I don’t have a lot of creative advice to give. My creative process is kind of the equivalent of a drunk guy trying to break a record in a potato sack race.” That’s really funny! and I kind of agree with this. It is very similar to my idea about the process of completing a creative tasks. You never know what ideas come to your mind and when.

    For me creativity is also about constant search of new ways and desisions. I am an illustrator and I already have a lot of experience in my field but I am constantly developing in different styles. Once my experimentation led me to markers from Artistro which became my favorite tool for traditional art: https://artistro.com/collections/markers . I love to paint with them on clothes. This is probably my biggest discovery among art suplies

    So I think I develop my creativity thanks to my curiosity and the constant search for new ideas

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