• Jonah Grindler, 1 year ago

    Hey DN,

    Bank apps suck. We're designing a better way to interact with your money, with a positive approach and mindset.

    Connect unlimited banks and see them all in one place. See your subscriptions and bills. Categories and lots more..

    Here to answer any questions you might have :-)

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  • Alexis WollseifenAlexis Wollseifen, 1 year ago

    I really like your job @jonah ! It's really good looking ✨

    I may have some questions for you :-)

    Is it related to Rollie? And are those a job you get or more like side-projects of yours? If so, are you good at managing your finance? (I'm definitely not so that kind of product would be a good help for me).

    As a product designer, I may be interested at learning more about how you made that kind of tool, and why. Do you plan to share your process or journey with a case-study or whatever?

    Overall, good job, and thanks for sharing ! ✌️

    (hope DesignerNews will actually post this comment. It seems working one time out of ten)

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    • Jonah Grindler, 12 months ago

      Hey Alexis, yes! think of Billi as Rollie's cooler cousin. This one is a real job :-)

      I'm okay with my money, but I honestly don't know how much better I could be without this kind of tool, Billi certainly stems from a personal problem.

      The design started as a direct redesign of the pains I had using my banking apps — slow login, buried transactions, and transactions being displayed like a mess. But once you start designing with transactions there's a lot you can build around them!

      Maybe a clubhouse or something one day..

      Thanks for the curiosity!

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