Quick Guide to Create Progressive Web Apps Using Angular

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In the era of enterprise mobility, mobile applications have provided businesses an alternate choice for outreaching their targeted audience. However, mobile applications are still a secondary option when it comes to utilizing online resources or the internet. It is easier to update web apps than mobile apps. However, mobile apps can provide the audience a rich user experience.

Progressive web applications are the applications that present the native experience of a mobile app through web applications. You shall have a URL to access your PWA like any other website but it would act as if it is a mobile application with more rich functionalities.

Angular is used broadly by PWA developers across the world. It has been helpful for PWA development companies to create a lightweight and rich-featured application.

Follow These Steps to Develop PWAs Using Angular

Angular is considered a web framework having simplistic tools and a development environment enabling the developers to create interactive PWA in less time and effort. In order to begin developing your PWA using Angular, you first need to create a compatible development environment. You would need the updated Google Chrome installed in your computer system.

Another crucial prerequisite is Lighthouse Chrome Extension, an open-source tool used to test websites for accessibility performance as PWAs.

Let’s summarize the process through quick pointers to start creating your application project in a compatible Angular environment;

1.Install Angular CLI 2.Create the project 3.Generate Angular application 4.Add project material 5.Import HttpClient & JSON services 6.Add application APIs 7.Produce applications 8.Add Service Workers to enable inclusion of offline features 9.Implement PWA features & view 10.Test on Lighthouse 11.Deploy

Simplifying it for you, I would like to tell you that developing a PWA using AngularJS Development solutions requires a lot more than just the web framework. To create a sustainable progressive web application, a keen emphasis on accumulating the right prerequisites is necessary.

Pros of Developing PWAs Using Angular

In the current scenario, there are enormous PWA app development companies using Angular to create astounding applications. The complete package of the advanced development features that the web framework offers, make Angular the most favorable choice for businesses and service providers of different scales and arena.

Here are the crucial benefits of using Angular for PWA development

1.MVC Architecture Implementation of Model View Controller (MVC) architecture in progressive web app development streamlines the delivery of content. It simplifies the handling of data through the components of the MVC architecture. The controller part manages the requests, the model creates the data to be presented by the view component.

2.Easily Testable The testing compatibility of PWAs developed using Angular is higher than PWAs developed using other web frameworks. Usage of Lighthouse to analyze or test the PWAs makes the platform testing-friendly.

3.Third-Party Integrations The large-scale integration of third-party tools enables an adequate personalization of features and functionalities.

4.Customizable Design Angular elements and modules indulge in high flexibility to the AngularJS development architecture through which it facilitates the developers to create highly customizable designs.

5.Performance Angular does not put much load on the CPU which leads the PWAs to load faster and engage in more security.

Cons of Developing PWAs Using Angular

Along with plenty of advantages, there are a few challenges faced by PWA development companies while using Angular.

1.Dependency on JavaScript The development ecosystem of Angular is based on JavaScript. Those working on Angular are expected to have a prior understanding and good knowledge of JavaScript. However, this characteristic of Angular binds it to the availability of JavaScript support.

2.Complex Implementation Even if the newbies working on your project have a good understanding of JavaScript, they might have to face the challenges of identifying the existing code flow and implementations as in JavaScript there are multiple logics or ways to perform a single functionality.

Wrapping Up

Developing PWAs using Angular might be full of jargon and technological but if it concerns your business, you definitely need to know a few jargon as well. You can consult a PWA development company using Angular or do your research about the trends of Angular with respect to PWAs.