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    Hi all,

    I am a co-founder of Payload CMS and I also run a design studio called TRBL where we specialize in custom UX and full-stack development, typically in TypeScript front to back.

    I have been working on a new video series that describes, in detail, how professional design firms go about building completely custom websites using a headless CMS, React, and TypeScript. This series is going to be a bit different than the typical to-do style videos and I want it to show a much deeper level of project approach and code mentality, all the way from how to scaffold centralized, reusable TypeScript types to how to build websites with React layout-building components.


    One of my other goals with this series is to provide a window into how professional design firms go about delivering sites with a lot of value to clients that absolutely need that level of quality, and are willing to pay for it. The site that we'll be building is actual, real-world work, and although it's more of a small-to-medium budget for us, the principles involved can be used to deliver websites where clients will happily pay $100K+, because they need it.

    I often times see developers posting their work that they've poured their hearts and souls into, asking if $2-3K is a big enough budget for them to have charged. I say hell no. Not that there's anything wrong with smaller budget websites, but unless you're incredibly efficient, you should be using an off-the-shelf solution like Squarespace. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    My moral is: there is a segment of the market that still absolutely requires high-end development standards and approaches, and it's alive and well.

    This is episode 1 - and it's my first ever YouTube video. I would appreciate any candid feedback that this community has for me, and if you haven't already, please check out Payload CMS - we've gotten incredibly positive feedback from our users so far and are committed to making it the best choice for JS / TS developers in 2021+.

    Thank you!

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