Which tool do you use to send files to your clients?

2 years ago from , Co-founder at Sentpaid.com

When you have a work done, how do you send the deliverables to your client? Which tool do you use? Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc..


  • James YoungJames Young, 2 years ago

    It depends on what it is, but on average Google Drive share-links (with our without expiration links depending on context). I had been a longtime user of Dropbox but the commoditization of cloud storage caused me to make a price-based decision related to Google.

    For work done in Figma, I may additionally send share links to files or prototypes that clients view via Figma in the browser.

    For large files or quick sharing, WeTransfer has a great & simple recipient experience.

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    • , 2 years ago

      WeTransfer is my favourite because of its simplicity. I agree with you that it offer a great recipient experience. Although it has a limit of 2GB.

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  • Balazs SzaboBalazs Szabo, 2 years ago

    Usually I send it via WeTransfer (under 2GB), because they have the time limit to download the files. So the client is somehow "forced" to download the files in time. Also it useful that I receive the confirmation automatically from WT, so the client cannot say that they didn't saw the files. Sometimes I send it from my Dropbox. It's also useful when I want to send them "temporary" files and I'm sure that they will download it and I can delete, and move it from there when the project is closed.

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    • , 2 years ago

      What do you think about the ads shown in the download page on WeTransfer? They usually use very creative and high quality images, but don't you think it could impact on the perception your client may have of you?

      I mean: sending files to the client through a page with ads may looks a little "not pro". Don't you think?

      Thi is one of my concerns when I use WeTransfer to deliver work to my clients.

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