Considering Legal Action Against Employer, it It a Good Move?

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I would like to give you some context before I do anything and I would like to know what you guys think about this situations and how would you manage them?

This is a text wall so be prepared for a god tier shit show.

Kregg Kish (Front Porch Solutions, “FPS”, frontporchsolutions.com) contacted me trough a web platform which provides access to designers portfolios and contact info (Dribbble.com). Initially he offered a job opportunity with a chance to become a full time position. At the moment I was employed at Pablo Stanley Art which provided income and career opportunities I had to let go in order to work at FPS.

The offer was successfully completed after working on several test projects, shortly after these projects were approved we agreed to begin my transition as a full time employee of “FPS.” My direct supervisor and project manager at this time was Joel Bohorquez who is in charge of the Design Department as a Director of the team.

I asked several times for proper on-boarding and demanded supportive documentation regarding my employment with “FPS”. Several times I was disregarded and was told that they were working on resolving the matter but that I should not worry and proceed to switch jobs, that any further formality as well as contracts and employment information should be addressed with Kregg Kish who at the time was distressingly unavailable most of the time.

Almost all communication happened within an app called Slack, this is a communication platform that provides an archive and history on every message sent within it's members.

It seems Joel was having issues managing his team so he relied on Erin to check up on me from time to time, mostly all conversations with Joel about ongoing projects were clearly on how happy he was with my work and performance. This is when everything went rapidly and strikingly bad. At this time a new “manager” emerged. Erin Davies, who at most times was kind enough to provide feedback on my designs but never on my performance. I never failed to successfully deliver projects on time and before deadline sometimes and my creative output was constant and reliable on projects trough and trough. I don’t yet know what happened. But I got fired.

They told me two things. 1. “This is a pandemic. COVID is here. We’re letting go a lot of people”. 2. “You failed to be active on Slack”.

They vaguely and arbitrarily “monitor” their employees based on the active status on this platform ("Slack") (unreliable and biased indicator since the app goes on "snooze if used on a web browser"), one of the several policies they failed to clarify. I constantly need RAM on my computer since design software is resource heavy. So I only check Slack every couple minutes up to an hour of hard-zoned working focus mode.

This made me more confused, as they didn’t provide any further information and just cut all communication with me.

They never provided any documentation or proper HR management or anything remotely familiar and still I yet don’t know what I did wrong to lose my job and a good career opportunity before that.

I asked for financial support due to the imminent decision they took based on arbitrary reasoning and they promised but again failed to provide any support on distressing times. I quickly got another job but this whole situation left me baffled and I am now beggining legal counsel to research with several sources and shed light on this kind of workplace ill-praxis and shady corporate activity.

So what would you do? What can we do? Are we supposed to just accept this kind of treatment just because we are remote workers?

Thanks for reading.