Why every hotel should have their own app in a post-Covid world and how this startup can help

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For tomorrow’s travellers, health and safety will be a decisive factor when choosing which hotel to stay. Your own hotel app can upgrade guest experience with a contactless interaction while adding a new revenue channel.

In an interview with Skift, Sooho Choi - global head of travel and hospitality at Publicis Sapient, where his team developed The Digital Life Index said that “78 percent of respondents said that the ability to use contactless technology was one of the top three factors when choosing a hotel. In the past, travelers have ranked the quality of their experience higher based on the number of interactions they have with staff. That’s changed now: No interaction doesn’t mean a poor interaction. With contactless and self-service technologies, you can continue to drive interaction without a person fronting the experience.”

Alocal.ai just launched a service that provides hotels with white label apps at an affordable price and in less than a month. And here’s what it can do for your hotel.

First, make your guests feel safe and comfortable at your hotel by reducing face-to-face interactions without sacrificing the quality of service.

Second, create a direct channel with your guests to create upsell opportunities. Every guest can easily book services available at your hotel or with your partners, directly from their own mobile device.

Empower your staff to answer more quickly to guest requests and meet their expectations. Improving every guest’s experience and satisfaction, while streamlining operations with less human resources.

And bottom line, having your own fully branded app earns you a spot in one of the most valuable digital real estate there is: your client’s smartphone screen.

For hotels that need to adapt to the new hospitality paradigm, Alocal’s digital solution is cost and time effective. Additionally, pricing takes into account the size of the hotel, so it can work for the family owned B&B to a larger chain.

The global pandemic and aftermath presents challenges and opportunities to the hospitality industry. Alocal.ai believes that it can help your hotel be ahead of the curve. Find more info here or request a demo today.