A Free Creative Ideation Manga Exercise called the Battle Royale

2 months ago from , Lead UX/UI Designer

Hey Everyone! We've been writing a Design Thinking manga for about a year and I'm super excited to be finally launching it on Friday. We wrote an extra chapter called the Battle Royale, which is a creative ideation exercise we use in our workshops.

The Battle Royale is designed to help participants generate ideas quickly while voting on concepts they think should be developed further. It takes elements of dot-voting, rapid ideation and fuses it to create a highly effective way to generate ideas.

This is a great exercise for quickly thinking of solutions to problems you may have and narrowing them down into one badass idea. You should already have a question and or problem you would like help with. Eg. Think of an ice-cream flavour that will be a massive hit. Eg. How might we attract new customers to our online store.

We hope you enjoy :)