Career path frameworks and skills. Who has published theirs? (Individual contributor vs management)

2 months ago from , Product Designer

So here’s the thing... career path frameworks exist at many of the big companies. You might have a dual path framework that forks at a position where you could take on people management, or continue as an individual contributor. Spotify has published the bones of theirs (steps) but not what’s required for those steps - that I’ve seen.

GitLab publish all of their steps and what’s required. It would be cool to see other companies frameworks and the steps involved in promotion/advancement, and whether all the things highlighted are required or not. So please let me know if you’ve seen of any, or if you are able to share yours!

Additionally let me know if you have recruitment experience on your IC track (GitLab does from memory and so do others), do you feel like this should be the case, or not?