Abstracto - App to discover abstract wallpapers

8 months ago from , Independent Designer

Hey Designers

Abstracto idea, an App to discover abstract minimalistic wallpapers, came from me, Pedro Gil a Designer, and Manuel Amaral a low code enthusiastic.

To give you a sense of why we started building Abstracto as a side project let me give you a quick background story.

I've been creating Wallpapers for mobile on my Instagram page for the last 2 years and built a considerable following base with over 11K followers and each time I posted a wallpaper I get lots of messages asking for the link to download.

We figured that we could initially capitalize on this audience and this natural demand and build an App where we could have this "wallpaper portfolio" among other wallpapers specially curated. We decided to keep it as a free app, donation based.

Feedback on our landing page and app are very welcomed: https://www.abstracto.app