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  • Andrew C, 2 years ago

    Liked the article. Some interesting thoughts — and I like that it questions some of the principles of usable design.

    One thing I found off though: If the old principles might not apply why use ever flattening logos as an example? Kind of counteracts each other.

    I also don’t believe the simplification of an interface of a design for clarity can be conflated with infantilisation. It’s the same process sure but I see them being for different ends or means.

    Overall though I do find many modern images in design have gotten a bit sterile. One interface I saw recently had disembodied 3D hands that looked like fat baby hands floating around. So many illustrations use human forms w weird colours to signal ethnic diversity (why not use just use black, white and brown skin tone?)

    Interesting thoughts here though for sure. Enjoyed the read.

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