Can we digitise coffee tally sheets?

8 months ago from , Fullstack developer

Hi everyone!

Mi name is Florian and I stumbled upon a problem at work and tried to find a solution for that:

At work we are using a shared coffeemachine with a coffee tally sheet to track who is drinking coffee. One of my colleagues is buying the coffee and we are paying him each month. He is counting the coffee's per person, sending them an email and often telling them paying strange amounts of money (5.75€ or so).

We thought we can do that better, so I build a simple device that tracks the consumption through our Company ID card. Every user gets notified when the consumption is reaching a predefined threshold (like 5€) to pay the person that's buying the coffee (capsules in our case). It is cloud connected for easy access and can be extended by additional terminals too.

Our department was quite happy with it and other departments requested this solution after they saw our small gadget too. :)

In the future I plan to bring some fun and useful features to the coffee pal like: - Use your fingerprint instead your company ID Card - Coffee subscription: Get your favourite coffee automatically per mail, based on your consumption - Newsletter about your coffeeconsumption - Extend for tea, snacks and more - Connectivity through 3G for hassle-free setup. - and a lot more ;)

Now my question: Do you think such a solution could be nice for your workplace too? I know that a lot of companies are providing coffee for free, but at least in Europe a lot of my friends told me about the same problem at work.

I created a small webpage for you to get a feeling about it: https://coffeepal.autonoma.cloud

If you are interested in this solution I would be very happy if you show your interest at the bottom of the page.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and have a nice day! :)