What are the front end design limitations with Adobe Experience Manager?

over 1 year ago from , Associate UX Director


I've long been under the impression that AEM has some serious limitations when it comes to sophisticated front end design. I'm not precisely sure how this came to be; I feel like over the years I have heard warnings that we can only do so much on certain client sites because they use AEM. I think I've also heard people say that it's limited in how we can design and build more immersive content pages and templates, but for reasons I'm not quite clear on. The TL;DR is that I've not heard much that's great about it... more that it's difficult all the way around.

For any of you who have designed web pages or full sites for AEM, can I correctly assume that whatever you can do from a front end design standpoint with any other CMS or bespoke web page/site, you can do in AEM? Full CSS control, sophisticated scrolling behaviors, javascript libraries, videos, animations, etc? Is that a correct assumption?

Or, are there certain features (or lack thereof) that make it less than ideal for immersive content experiences, even if these are one-off templates / pages?

Thanks in advance for your responses.