Halfmoon - Alternative to Bootstrap with a built-in dark mode

over 1 year ago from , Builder at Halfmoon UI

Hello DN. I would like to share a framework I built called Halfmoon, which is an alternative to Bootstrap with a built-in dark mode.

Website: https://www.gethalfmoon.com/

Anyway, here are some interesting things about the framework:

  • Great for building dashboards—This means that a lot of importance is placed on components such as forms, navbars, sidebars, dropdowns, toasts, shortcuts, etc.
  • Optional JS library—Many of the components found in Halfmoon are built to work without JavaScript. However, the framework still comes with a powerful JavaScript library with no extra dependencies, such as jQuery.
  • Bootstrap like classes—The class names should be instantly familiar to anyone who has used Bootstrap.
  • Cross-browser compatibility—Fully supports almost all the browsers under the sun, including really old ones like Internet Explorer 11.
  • Easily customizable—The repo also contains a variables file where custom CSS properties (variables) are used in the code for things like colors, layout properties, etc. This makes it extremely easy to customize Halfmoon to your liking, as the use of modern CSS variables means that things like pre-processors are not needed.

Github: https://github.com/halfmoonui/halfmoon

Would really appreciate some feedback. And please give it a star on Github to follow the progress, I have a lot more things planned for the framework.