New Slack! Illustrators of Slack

2 years ago from

Are you an Illustrator? Do you use Slack?

Come join Illustrators on Slack! One thing i've noticed whilst working remotely, is that there is little or no place for illustrators to go to, to chat, to share your new work, or to get advice.

So I've created a new slack channel, specifically for Illustrators around the world. Come help build a new resource specifically for illustrators!



  • Helen Bess, 6 months ago

    I started using Slack not long ago and I didn't know about this channel. Thanks.

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    • Tom DelStrey, 6 months ago

      Good for you. It is a great tool for team work. Since the beginning of pandemic our team started to work from home and i don't think it is going to change in the nearest future. With the slack sms all the customer requests and texts are visible to the whole working team which makes it very easy to deal with them immediately.

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