Would you ever use SF Pro Text for a website?

8 months ago from , Principal at Brighten Studios

Hi everyone, Has anyone used SF Pro Text for a website before? If so, curious what the Pros/Cons are.

I work with one startup and also manage their design system and in an effort to cut down on complexity in managing the system I'm investigating whether or not it makes sense to use SF Pro Text for not only the iOS app but also their website.



  • Edmund Thomas , 7 months ago

    Notion.so use it effectively :)

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    • Jeremy Santy, 7 months ago

      Thanks Edmund! Great example.

      This is what's showing up on my end

      Family inter, -apple-system, system-ui, "Segoe UI", Helvetica, "Apple Color Emoji", Arial, sans-serif, "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol";

      Does Apple System inherit SF Pro Text if you have it on your machine? Also, Inter is a great typeface so that's nice to see included as well.

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