• Valentin de Bruyn, 6 months ago

    The story is great and well written. I like the app's minimalistic and unobtrusive feel. Congrats on the launch :)

    My go-to thing for this UC for now is playing music, but Albums. Not playlists that go on forever. Albums have this great property of ending after ~40 or ~50min. But sometimes, since music is a mood-altering thing, it just does not go well with productivity, or you end spending too much time choosing the right music for the present moment, so I might give it a try!

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  • LX LavalleeLX Lavallee, 5 months ago

    Interesting thoughts, reminds me of Mr. Robot's WhiteRose hacker with the 1-minute clock reminder.


    Sometimes, you just have to let time pass to find your answers. :)

    New stimuli aren't always the answer.

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