The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners

12 months ago from , Webflow/No-Code Enthusiast, Product Designer & Product Maker. Tweets as @janlosert. Pixels on http://dribbble.com/JanLosert.

Hi DesignerNews!

Webflow is getting massively popular. And in my eyes an incredible way how to step up your web design/prototyping game. So I've decided to write down all of the important bits and pieces about Webflow that I learned and incorporated into my daily work. These will help you jump quickly into creating without wondering which elements you should use and struggling to find a way around the interface. I've also recorded all of the tips in a relatively short Youtube video! Let me know what do you think and if you are planning on moving to Webflow as well!

P.S.: This guide is completely non-technical, in fact — I moved to Webflow as a designer and can’t on my own write a single line of code, yet I'm now delivering clients fully functional websites.

Medium Article: https://medium.com/@JanLosert/webflow-uncovered-the-easiest-guide-for-beginners-45358aa5839d?source=friends_link&sk=a46932ee91c9e0cc2d212f15063cadb4

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GkdN96j3I0


  • Dan BDan B, 11 months ago

    Wow, great guide Jan. Super detailed. Bonus points for the GIFs.

    I've been on the fence for months for Webflow (I initially wanted to design our /psychology page in there).

    One of our main blocker is that we're considering a membership site, and the WF membership plugins have a % fee instead of a flat fee.

    Unless you're aware of another plugin that I should consider?

    Cheers and good job again.

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    • Jan Losert, 11 months ago

      I would go for Memberstack or working with Gumroad :) But yeah, the fee is a little downside but these products have to make living somehow as well.

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  • Travis Swan, 12 months ago

    Fantastic job Jan! This is a perfect resource for me, and I'll definitely be referring back to this material you've made!

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