• Dylan D, over 1 year ago

    Hey, looks nice and you clearly put a ton of work into this. Are you looking for feedback?

    I think that there are some really awesome enhancements in here that improve some of the fringe features of the app. For the core music playing and browsing features though, I think that you're adding a lot of functionality where it doesn't really need to exist, and would only serve to add noise and complicate the UI for the majority of users who would not use the features. E.g. adding all of the shuffle/repeat/audio controls to the tiny mini player at the bottom of the screen, adding a full album/song browsing experience to the lock screen, UI customization, themes, click wheel, etc.

    If this is intended to go into a portfolio, I would cut it down to just one area or feature of the app and focus on that. As someone who has written out long case studies before, I can tell you that nobody other than you is going to take the time to read through the whole thing. You're also going to need to talk through this in interviews, and having a fairly clear and focused problem where you can guide the interviewers through the understanding, ideation, workflow, and UI design phases will be much more effective in showing them your skills than having a hug multi-faceted project like this where there are so many variables and areas to consider that someone couldn't possibly grasp in 20 minutes or so.

    You're clearly a talented designer and have some great stuff here, but I'd just like to see less.

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    • Jaymie Gill, over 1 year ago

      Hi Dylan, I 100% agree with you. Much of your sentiments echo that of others. Many people have given me feedback which has been invaluable so thank you! I really appreciate it. I need to work on my UX skills for sure. This project was my first ever attempt and I'm definitely well versed on the UI/design side of things which is where I will put more of my focus now that I have received feedback. I can then work on my UX skills alongside being a designer. Many lessons learnt and my next project will definitely be more curated and considered. Thank you again for your comments!

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