Ask DN: Generative/Algorithmic/Random Avatars

9 years ago from , AI design @ Airbnb

Sup DN.

I'm working on an app[1] where people's profiles are obfuscated 80% of the time. This is throwing up some design challenges - namely viewing lots of the profiles (e.g. in a search result) looks really boring.

So I'm working on some generative avatars based on various variables associated with the profiles (e.g. name length, follower count etc) and looking for references of other people who've done similar things.

Refs I've got: LayerVault - http://vimeo.com/user7743505/review/47147025/3c9041f696 GitHub https://github.com/blog/1586-identicons 37Signals http://37signals.com/svn/posts/3104-behind-the-scenes-reinventing-our-default-profile-pictures StackOverflow http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2008/06/gravatars-identicons-and-you/

Anything else? Current progress (after an hour or so) is http://c.jon.gd/image/3w383H2k3S20 - crit is that they're not very 'avatary'

[1] http://hiremyfriend.io