• Julian H, over 3 years ago

    Jeez, these uxdesign.cc articles are a waste of time.

    Build a proper animation system (part of any advanced design system anyway) or/and use tools like Google's Inspector Spacetime for an actual developer handoff: https://google.github.io/inspectorspacetime/

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    • Jim RenaudJim Renaud, over 3 years ago

      Pretty rude comment. This comment could have been made way nicer by being a human with an ounce of empathy.

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    • UX ING, over 3 years ago

      Most companies can’t even get a real design system out the door let alone a ‘proper animation system’. If you’re working at a company that has/can then chances are your front end devs care enough /have the time to match your spec to begin with.

      Space time is interesting but it’s not the end all be all and far away from a silver bullet. Not everyone uses After Effects.

      But I love the hot take. Keep em coming. Reading 10 medium articles a day must make the really hard challenges (that only 20% of us will have to face) sound so easy? It’s either that or you’ve only worked places where you’re spoiled with resources. Either way, you sound just a tad out of touch.

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