Get a sneak peek of Web AR + Torch

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After much demand, we are super excited to announce Web AR publishing as part of Torch Publish.

See this demo – built in under 2 hours completely on a mobile device – running in a web browser with the flick of a digital switch: https://home.torch.app/webar/Ukgt1ErnplJr0imRnHTM

Web AR provides a number of advantages that make it a powerful option for anyone creating augmented reality experiences. First and foremost, of course, is the potential to reach hundreds of millions of users. Now, Torch AR experiences can be viewable on any AR-capable iOS or Android device without the friction of an app download.

Sharing your project via email, on social media platforms, or via a link to a product preview on your company’s web site will be a simple press of the button with Torch. And it’s not just the fact that the web is ubiquitous that makes this so powerful.

Get early access to Web AR + Torch

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