Need Help with my online Shop websites and hosting issues.

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I’m sorry about my stupids questions, I’m a newbie in ecommerce and web development areas, so confusing about my online ecommerce shop website questions , have a few questions need help:

  1. So I currently have a new clothing brand needs a formal specific official website, but wondering if it can to share a same host with my design studio portfolio website? (I'm now using bluehost $2.79/m that option for my design portfolio studio website, use wordpress);

Or do I need to purchase a completely new hosting again? And for this totally new ecommerce shopping site, which I have a limited budget and no technical knowledge, so I also intended to be based on wordpress, with woocommerce( yeah currently I prefer to use woocommerce for now) , so if I just need to buy a new woocommerce theme and then install it on wordpress directly?

These 2 options which is better?

  1. Also, I noticed that bluehost( my design studio use this, so I decide to use the same host for my online shop site for now, also because my budget is tight, but if you have a better way / option for my shop site you think more fit, please do let me know, I’m very appreciate) has 2 options: one is wordpress hosting( so I can use this and then install the woocomerce directly) ( start. from $2.75/m) ; the other is specific woocomerce hosting as the offcial site clarified(start from $6.95/m);

so which is better for my wordpress based woocomerce online shop(will sell clothing,stationery etc.)? Is there any core different between these 2 ?

And for the woocomerce hosting option, since my this shop is just my first online store, during next 3 months, I’ll launch another 2 shops, for different goods types, so if this possible to use the same hosting after I purchase a hosting for my this first shop? I mean, if I can use a same hosting for my 3 shops together? ( see: https://www.bluehost.com/wordpress/woocommerce-hosting#pricing-cards , so it looks the “Plus” plan more fit? ) If so then is this safe and quick?

  1. And since this is an ecoomerce website, what need watch out? Like security? Payment questions( I only can use Paypal for now )? Is there any extra things I should add and consider after installed woocommerce on wordpress?

Thanks you guys so much.


  • Etienne Garbugli, over 3 years ago

    Hey Niki, You should be able to put multiple domain names on the same hosting package (I have 4-5 sites on 1 hosting).

    I don't know woocommerce or bluehost specifically, but the price point seems fine.

    I would try and make sure you're on the domain itself (e.g. websitename.com) as opposed to a sub-domain (websitename.wordpress.com). Looks more trustworthy.

    You should also try and get SSL encryption (https://). Those can usually be purchased through your web host. This is safer for purchases, looks more trustworthy, and is better for search engines.

    Paypal should be fine, but you could probably also add Stripe (look for plugins) for credit card payments (cheaper for people).

    Cheers, hope this helps.


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  • Randy Mason, over 3 years ago

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