What do designers need?

2 years ago from , Co-founder

As said in the title. What do designers need most? How can designers help each other? Really curious to know what are some thoughts around improving designers' career, life, creativity, etc.


  • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, 2 years ago


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  • Oliver Swig, 2 years ago

    New ideas.

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  • Kyle CaseKyle Case, 2 years ago

    tO lEaRn HoW tO cOdE

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  • Anna Becerra, 2 years ago

    A comfortable chair.

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  • Klark Dollson, 2 years ago

    I was always want to be a designer but I was don't know what need to do at first. I ended courses on the Internet and decided to make a portfolio when I was ended this part I took my first customer It was really wonderful experience for me. And now I'm working on freelance and last my work was site for a beauty salon where they describe all hairdressers https://lovehairstyles.com/short-haircuts-for-women-over-60/. Its interesting work.

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  • David SimpsonDavid Simpson, 2 years ago

    That is something we are constantly thinking about at Designed.org. We are building a non-profit that is dedicated to providing tools and resources that enable designers (right now mentors and job postings). We don't move as fast as bigger design communities, but we are free and focused on individual empowerment not monetization.

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