To-do app for macOS. Made essential.

4 years ago from , Partner at Moze


Done. is a lightweight and essential To-do app specifically designed for those of you who want to do more with less.

We've built a native macOS app with a distraction-free UI, multiple lists, starred to-dos and powerful keyboard shortcuts.

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  • Oskar EngströmOskar Engström, 4 years ago

    So where is the app? After fooling me to sign up for the newsletter there's no mention about the app on your site. I feel a bit fooled =)

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    • Sergio Panagia, 4 years ago

      Hey oskar, thanks for joining our beta waiting list. We plan to send a first version of the app by the end of September (just finalising few details). Feel free to ask anything else :-)

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  • Andrew C, 4 years ago

    I have no opinions on the app itself, but I enjoy the strikethrough logo. It is great.

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  • Ike KuIke Ku, 4 years ago

    I hope lightweight means no electron and a native code.

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  • Ken Em, 4 years ago

    Why did you decide to go with this particular typography and not use system fonts? This looks a bit out of place to me.

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    • Matteo Montolli, 4 years ago

      Hey Ken, we're using Menlo typeface, a system font included in macOS. We're planning in the future to let the user choose between different system fonts based on his preferences (monospaced sans-serif, sans-serif or serif). Feel free to suggest new ideas!

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      • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 4 years ago

        San Francisco, the native system font, would be a better default in my opinion. Apps forcing their brand into my tools always grinds my gears.

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