• Sacha GreifSacha Greif, 4 years ago

    What really goes into designing the kind of website clients happily pay high prices for?

    Finding rich clients.

    It might seem obvious to some, but freelancing successfully is much more about picking the right clients than anything else.

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  • Joey Prijs, 4 years ago

    Another day, another designer promoting their courses/service/product. Ugh.

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 4 years ago

      You know what I have had? It. I have had it with this constant self promoting of luke-warm, barely valued digital-only content.

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      • Nathan Allotey, 4 years ago

        Thomas, I'm curious to know why are you so frustrated with people linking to courses?

        If someone believes a course is valuable and wants to share it, they post it. Do you have examples of courses you feel were " luke-warm, barely valued digital-only content".

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        • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 4 years ago

          You can literally pick any. I am not saying that there are not great teachers out there who also offer courses of really good value, but in general this increase in course volume is due to the fact that the design and tooling landscape is scattered and that there is a lot of anxiety around this. Most of it comes from not using the tools like everybody else - believing that this is a bad thing.

          If you start a javascript learning course and the first 30 minutes of the course are dedicated to installing oh my zsh and operator mono, you already know its not about the subject they are claiming to teach, its about reducing your anxiety levels by telling you how to feel like everyone else.

          Many people aren't using figma because its it works better for them, they are because its they believe its the next thing. And all of a sudden you have an entire tool-shaming-anxiety economy. With blogposts explaining why they think that tool or the other one is superior, with ui kits and libraries all surrounding this economy - rarely free of course, and then there are the courses, which all prey on this situation.

          Take this course for example - I am sure there is some value for someone in there, but in "learn how to design high value websites" has nothing to do with how much you are getting paid for it. The subject does not have anything to do with the actual craft of making a website, its purely business.

          Yet the contents of the course make it believe like that is the case. They prey on an inner monologue that goes something like "I'm not good enough; how can I recreate those dribbble shots?" - Its distorted reality, because the majority of us do not practice our craft like that. Dribbble is like instagram for designers: it's fake.

          And that course does the same. It claims to teach you how to sell your services at a high pricepoint, by teaching you basics of the craft. That aint how you get paid more. It just is not true.

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  • , 4 years ago

    Hey! I'm Ran, I created this course with the hope of helping designers move up from small budget websites to more high value bigger budget websites. Would love to answer questions if you have any ✌️

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  • Mike schwartz, 4 years ago

    Looks Great! Super cool :)

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