Image grid (image tiles) view with a tree structure

4 years ago from , Senior Digital Product Designer

Ok, so this one is pretty weird for me as I would never consider combining an image grid with a tree structure, but basically this was a request I got so I'll try to deliver. What we have is a 3 level tree structure: - Container -> Package -> Product

Each of them can contain numerous items but all of them are images. So visually, kind of like this. ⊠⊠❏⊠⊠ ↳ ⊠⊠❏⊠⊠ ↳ ⊠⊠⊠⊠

But now image having 100+ items for a Package or 100+ items for a product. O.o

How would you guys solve this issue?

I would personally try to push the client to use a normal tree structure view and have another view that turns on the grid but without the tree functionality, just a grid of everything that can be filtered out.

Thank you so much for your answers, atb, Mike