For San Francisco Designers: who is going to design week?

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Hey peeps, For those of you in SF, what events are you considering going to? In the past what were some of your main takeaways? Have you made lasting connections/ got a new job at these events in the past?

I'm planning to be more selective this year and do most of the social impact ones such as Design and Climate Change at Space in the Mission. How about you all?

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  • Lokesh DhakarLokesh Dhakar, over 1 year ago

    I haven't attended Design Week in the past but I decided to take a peek at the event list after seeing your post. The following three events have piqued my interest:

    1. Taking your design from concept to manufacturing: Step-by-step: Manufacturing is still a complete mystery to me and some demystification would be appreciated.
    2. Typography & Neon: Tenderloin Historical Ephemera Project: I was already planning a trip to the TL Museum, so this is a two birds, one stone situation.
    3. Intersectional Craftswomxnship — heart, soul, materials, play, ethics, form, inclusion: It's a little unclear exactly where this discussion will go, but the panel is full of interesting people.

    I would also like to hear from other's who have attended in the past. Chime in!

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