Feedback on our new website

4 years ago from , Founder, Designer @ Marker.io

Hi DN,

After a few weeks of work and back and forth internally, we just released the new design of our marketing website. You can have a look at https://marker.io

I'm not the most confident UI designer in town but thanks to amazing resources like Humaaans, Inter UI, Refactor UI, I came up with this new version.

We spend a lot of work on our positioning and messaging.

Do you have any feedback that would help improve the new website?


  • Alex Perry, 4 years ago

    Hi Emile,

    I think it looks really, really nice. Something that stood out for me letting it down was the low quality headshots. These look pretty awful on my retina mac compared to the rest of the site.

    Otherwise, congrats! Great work.

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