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  • William Bengtsson, 4 years ago

    I've written an article about my insights from designing one graph at least a hundred times.

    In the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, one can read how it takes at least 10,000 hours to reach a world-class expertise in a skill. Well, I'm far from 10,000 hours but on my journey there, it feels like I know less the further down that 10,000 hour ride I go because more questions rise for every hour that passes.

    If I would try to put my knowledge in relation to time, I'm worried that it would be going downwards. The good thing is that I know at least know how to properly portray that in an accurate, pretty neat graph!

    Read my step-by-step article on how I designed the coming graphs at Tink through an iterative process. A long, iterative process.

    Read the article here https://medium.com/@william.bengtsson/learnings-from-designing-graphs-9033e9034ca0

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