Where would one go to find a Sketch Plugin developer?

4 years ago from , Sr. Manager, Product Design at Royal Caribbean

I'd love to have a Sketch Plugin developed, but I am unsure of where to find engineers who can take this on. Can I engage any JS developer? Or is there any other skills I should keep in mind?


  • Matt C, 4 years ago

    I just took a brief look at the Sketch docs, and it doesn't look too spicy. If anything you may want to specify your developer have proficiency with "Node" which should sound funny to most good JS developers, but I'm sure there's a nonzero number of jQuery-or-bust folks trolling freelance sites.

    Edit: As for where to go to find one, I haven't had to hire a freelancer who wasn't a friend of mine in years, so I have no input on that part :)

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  • Giles Perry, 4 years ago

    You could try asking on the Sketch Plugins Developer Forum https://sketchplugins.com

    Plugins are written in JavaScript, so any JS developer should be able to build a plugin. What makes it tricky is that the public API (which is well documented https://developer.sketch.com/reference/api/) isn't complete. Many features can only be accessed through an undocumented private API. This is where someone with plugin development experience will have an advantage, but that person might be harder to find. If your plugin will have a complex UI or needs to extend the Sketch interface, things get trickier still, and familiarity with Objective-C might be useful.

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    • Alberto Orsini, 4 years ago

      That was my thought exactly when looking at the type of stuff that InVision Craft, Anima and Material Theme Editor are doing. Building UI components into the tool itself.

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  • Emanuel S.Emanuel S., 4 years ago

    I'm curious about that too. I wrote a Sketch Plugin last year and I want to make it work for the new versions, so I need someone to help me.

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    • Alberto Orsini, 4 years ago

      Please let me know if you find out. Did you build V1 yourself?

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      • Emanuel S.Emanuel S., 4 years ago

        I was a bit busy these past days, but I'll continue searching. Yes, I did V1 by myself by looking at tutorials, other plugins, and experimenting with the documentation.

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  • Ignacio CorreiaIgnacio Correia, 4 years ago

    Hey everyone. We build custom plugins/extensions for other companies. Please ping me :) www.unykvis.com

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  • Chris JohnsonChris Johnson, 4 years ago

    Drop me a message

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