Client security issue vs design productivity

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Hi DN community, I work as a UX designer in a German agency. Due to the signed security contract with the client, all of our working files can't be shared on any of the clouds. This means our team can't use any of those awesome management, versioning and hand-off tools, which affect productivity and project management. Anyone has a similar issue or how to tackle it? I am appreciated for the comments and discussion.


  • Pizza Yap , over 3 years ago

    Hi Nathan, I feel your pain as I went through this before...

    We understand why the client concern about the security issue, but this shouldn't stop us using any cloud services.

    First, we will ask the client are they using any cloud service they have been using and pass their security scores. Nowadays most of the company should be using some of the cloud services and also should have some procedure to allow outsource party to use the cloud service with limited actions. If they're not using any, they should feel lucky that they're still in business...

    Second, if they really don't have any cloud service used in their organization or the cloud service is not that advanced enough to open to outsourcing party...we should consult them what cloud service that we can use... Most of the cloud service like Google GSuite, Dropbox, Box and many they have the Enterprise version of the plan and with additional security feature compare to the normal plan. I suggest to sign up for the Enterprise plan and work out with your client.

    And as I did before, I've even contacted the Dropbox to ask more about the security and most of the time they are willing to help up on this and send over some security documents.

    Most of the time we are lucky enough to go with the second plan. It's still up to your client and how persuasive the security that you presented to them.

    Good luck!

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  • Wolfgang Kotowski, over 3 years ago

    Hi Nathan, I had to cope with a similar situation. We have used a NAS by Synology. Its software bundle helps very well with a local-only collaboration and versioning. And we had to use design apps that (still) work in local systems only. In the end, all worked out nicely. But you should invest into a DS4xxx or plus as the smaller ones are too weak for such tasks (at least back in 2015...). Good luck, W

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  • , over 3 years ago

    Meanwhile I also find a solution, which is not fancy yet straigforward https://github.com/Raureif/sketch-click-dummy

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  • Paul HermannPaul Hermann, over 3 years ago

    I feel you. I think it's especially German middle class companies who demand this kind of security to their projects. I do think though that this is a little unnecessary and anxious. Some companies we worked with demanded it initially, we then convinced them that their existing software structure internally doesn't hold up to their security policies either

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