How do you find candidates for user testing?

4 years ago from , Co-founder of https://getacquainted.co/

Hi DN,

Been trying to do regular user testing at work and finding the recruitment of external testers painful. Tried a few recruitment agencies and the service has been poor, expensive and still requires a fair amount of admin.

Any suggestions or advice?

I've started mucking around with an idea based on this, where I'm recruiting testers and adding them to a database that I can share with other startups / designers (with their permission, of course). Idea being we can all have access to decent candidates without the need for 3rd party recruitment. Basic version would be a database that you can filter and segment, then fire off an email to suggested candidates.

https://www.userpool.co/ (excuse the rough landing page - literally a brain fart)

Would anyone be interested in helping out and pooling resources or signing up? I'm London based so would only make sense if you're from there.