• Kami Karras, 4 years ago

    Hey all, I'm a designer working in AR and I wanted to share this how-to on image tracking that I wrote up that even has video! Designers currently have the power to work in AR and I wanted to share the knowledge of how to do it. I hope you like the article <3

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    • Jordan LittleJordan Little, 4 years ago

      Looks neat, but who's the target demographic? I'm a director at a magazine and love the idea of adding AR effects to link paper/digital, but I just don't get how I'd implement it for our readers. What's the point of the service if I can't export the AR world or make a self-contained app with the resulting AR? It seems kind of silly to have our readers download the Torch app just to "collaborate" on a composition.

      Is this just kind of a proof of concept or toy?

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  • Jrtorrents Dorman , 4 years ago

    geez! how many times do you ahve to publish the same sh***t?

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