• Ryan Hicks, 4 years ago

    I follow Taylor due to her being a local designer and producing some decent work. However, that site has too many moving things on that site. Feels power pointy.

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  • Jared KrauseJared Krause, 4 years ago

    Visually = fun

    Functionally = I scrolled down well before the animation finished

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  • Clarissa H., 4 years ago

    a nice looking site. but if I'm a prospective client, do I care what tools you use? do I even know what Webflow or Figma is? I feel like it's a bit odd to show tools so prominently on a portfolio site.

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    • Dexter W, 4 years ago

      I have no opinion on showing tools, but it's very apparent they use Webflow in almost everything so they must be trying to push it to prospective buyers.

      They are prototyping apps with FramerJS and Webflow to build "developer ready prototypes". FramerJS is not developer ready, so I'm guessing they export Webflow. I don't know if "developer ready" is the right word to use for Webflow either.

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  • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 4 years ago

    Like Jordan mentioned, Webflow. View the source of the page and you can see that they used WF.

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  • Jordan Zeit, 4 years ago

    She has webflow in the dribbble tag so I am assuming its powered by WF.

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