• louie solomonlouie solomon, over 4 years ago

    I've mentioned this to your support team, but it would be great if you offered an unlimited free trial. You released the product early, and at that time it was not in a state to be used in a production environment (at least not for our team).

    I'd love to be able to test and evaluate the product as it's being improved. In the link from this post, your product was admittedly less stable and performant than it is now. But because I used my trial period during the early days, I'm unable to see these changes.

    I'm not looking for an extension of my trial; I'm looking for a way to evaluate Framer X against the growing list of design tools to see what is the best product for our team needs.

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Hi Louie, even though you mentioned you're not looking for a trial extension we're always up for resetting it so you get the chance to reevaluate. Unfortunately we can't offer an unlimited free trial at this point but we're looking into ways of improving this experience.

      If you want to evaluate how Framer works for your team shoot an email to sales@framer.com, we're happy see what we can do and possibly let your entire team take it for a spin.

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  • Clarissa H., over 4 years ago

    Sounds great, excited to dive in and see how the new update feels. But I STILL don't see anything for developer handoff? I need a way to pass design specs to my devs. We currently use Sketch -> Zeplin -> React Native code. How can I achieve this using Framer?

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    • Peter Vogt, over 4 years ago

      in a way, the notion of looking at Framer and asking where the developer handoff features are is a competing notion to the spirit of the tool (in my interpretation). i see framer as a big step right now to a world where "developer handoff" isn't a thing anymore.

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  • , over 4 years ago

    We’ve vastly improved Framer X, specifically for every day visual design work. Performance issues are a thing of the past, zooming is now smooth, graphics scaling is better, and exports are more precise.

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